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Washing Completed Projects

Once you have completed your stitching of a project you may need to wash it.  You do not always have to do this as it depends on the project. If it is just a quick thing that you have made up for a card then I wouldn’t bother, but if you have been working on the stitching for months then it will enviably have oils and dirt from your hands and dust from the air. After spending weeks stitching a project it would be a shame to spoil it right at the end so we recommend that you gently hand wash in warm water with a little dish washing liquid. The fabric is not dirty like a kids T- shirt so it doesn’t need heavy washing, especially if you have used metallic threads or beads. Just put in a sink, tub or bowl and gently swish it around and pat it up & down until you are happy that it is clean. If you have any stubborn stains try Sarb Wonder Soap from your supermarket or Magic Wand satin remover but again be gentle.










Rinse it in more warm water to get any suds out then lift it out, hold it so that it drains for a bit then lay it flat on an opened towel. Roll up the towel and press out the water gently. Finally lay the fabric flat on a clean dry towel, out of the sun, and let it dry.

If your work is beaded be extra careful as you do not want to damage the beads.


Once your fabric is dry it can be ironed by placing face down on a fluffy towel and pressing gently with iron. Try not to have iron too hot but just hot enough to remove wrinkles.  Store your finished work either flat or rolled up in fabric like a pillow case.

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