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This is a DMC Needlework Printed Colour Chart. It has 6 double sided A4 pages that all fold out to one long page. Note that this is a printed chart so the colours are not exactly the same as the DMC threads, but they are close enough to be a guide.   The DMC number is alongside the colour, and it lists what type of threads are available for that colour. All the colours are arranged in their shades i.e. All the blues are together, all the greens together etc. It has all the numbers & colours for 6 strand cotton embroidery floss, Pearl Cotton, Colour Variations and Light Effects. This would be great tool to help you chose colours when amending a pattern or when sorting through your thread stash. As it is arranged in the various shades it would help you to blend colours on your pattern as you can see what other numbers are similar shades.

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