Stef’s Needle Minders

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Needle Minders made in Wellington, NZ by Stef’s Minders. These are prefect as a gift for a stitchy friend or for yourself. Strong magnet on the back of the colourful minder means that you can use it to store your needles or hold your pattern in place on your hoop.  Place the minder on the front of your fabric or pattern, and the washer on the back and the magnet holds everything in place. Collectable – have a different one for each WIP (Work In Progress). The minders are approx. 2 x 3 cm in size.

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Bird with Flowers, Bird Red Crested, Bird in Flight, Blue Bat, Butterfly Black, Butterfly Orange/Black, Butterfly Pink, Butterfly Blue, Butterfly Peach/Pink, Butterfly Yellow/Brown, Butterfly Turquoise/Purple, Cat Black Cosmic, Cat It's Fine, I'm Fine, Cat This is Fine, Cat Floral, Cat Pile, Cat in Pot Plant, Cherry Blossom Blue White, Cherry Blossom Pink, Cherry Blossom Black White, Christmas Tree, Coffee Moon, Cupcake Blue, Dragonfly, Flying Kiwi, Ghost Snow Globe, Haunted Castle, Halloween Xmas Tree, Hour Glass, Love Teabag, Moth, Moth Gold/Green with Moon, Moth Blue/Black with Moon, Moth Yellow/Green, Mushroom Garden, No Idea, Pink Flowers, Red Fox, Sewing Machine, Shark, Space Tea Bag, Spell Book, Watering Can


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