DMC Needles Size 24 Gold

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These needles are from DMC and are ideal for Cross Stitch and Tapestry.  They have a blunt tip and are plated with 18K gold. The reason this is an advantage is that it stops the needles rusting. A lot of us wet our threads to past them through the eye and over time this can cause the metal to rust and it starts to catch your thread and damage it. The gold doesn’t rust so your thread isn’t damaged at all. They are also easier to see if you accidentally drop them. There are four needles per card.

Size 24 are good for 11 to 16 count fabrics. The smaller the needle size number, the larger the needle & the eye. eg size 22 has a bigger eye than size 24. So if you wish to use fabric with 18 count or higher, we recommend that you to move up to a finer 26 size needle.

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