Kreinik #4 Very Fine Braid

$6.30 incl GST



These are 11 m spools of metallic threads made by Kreinik. Use to add a touch of glamour to your design, and to make certain areas stand out. #4 refers to the thickness of the thread ranging from #1 (fine) to #32 (thickest). #4 is the most common thickness and is usually stitched using one strand but be guided by your pattern. We do not carry all of the range but if you don’t see the colour number that you are looking for, please Contact Us and we will endeavour to get it in for you. Note that some of the spools will not be in the bubble packs due to the way the manufacturer sells them.

Additional information

Colour Number

001 Silver, 001HL Silver High Lustre, 001J Silver Japan, 002 Gold, 002HL Gold High Lustre, 003 Red, 005 Black, 006 Blue, 007 Pink, 008 Green, 009 Emerald, 010HL Steel Grey High Lustre, 011HL Gun Metal High Lustre, 012HL Purple High Lustre, 014 Sky Blue, 014HL Sky Blue High Lustre, 017HL White Gold, 018 Navy, 021 Copper, 022 Brown, 023 Lilac, 025 Grey, 027 Orange, 028 Citron, 032 Pearl, 033 Royal Blue, 042 Confetti Fuchsia, 051HL Sapphire High Lustre, 052F Grapefruit, 061 Ruby, 085 Peacock, 091 Star Yellow, 092 Star Pink, 093 Star Mauve, 094 Star Blue, 095 Starburst, 096 Sea Glass, 100 White, 101 Platinum, 102 Vatican Gold, 102HL Vatican Gold High Lustre, 153V Vintage Burgundy, 192 Pale Pink, 198 Pale Green, 202HL Aztec Gold High Lustre, 210 Gold Dust, 215C Antique Copper, 221 Antique Gold, 684 Aquamarine, 713 Pink Mauve, 850 Mallard Green, 1223 Passion Plum, 3214 Blue Zircon, 3231 Moonstone, 3223 Ametrine, 5007 Brocade, 5011 Elfin Green, 5982 Forest Green, 9194 Star Green, 9294 Periwinkle


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