Frogger – Amber with Giraffe


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This is a Frogger with Amber coloured beads and a bronze coloured giraffe charm. Froggers are used to help unpick any incorrect embroidery stitches. We all tend to use our needle to unpick but a needle is so easy to drop and lose, or for it go ‘ping’ out of our hand. A Frogger is easy to hold as the beads lie across your palm and if you drop it, it is easy to see and pick up again. This Frogger is a total of 15cm (6 inches) long including the needle and the charm which is 3 cm. The widest amber bead is 1.5 cm. Froggers get their name from the words ‘rip-it, rip-it’ which sounds like a frog when you say it aloud and rip-it is the American term for unpicking. These are great as gifts for Christmas etc as they are a small size

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