Classic Colorworks

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100% Cotton Hand Dyed Floss. 5 Yards (4.6 metres)  Beautiful colours. These skeins are not colourfast so we suggest that you do not wash your project once you have finished stitching.

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12-Grain, Almost Auburn, Amber Waves, Amethyst, Antique Lace, Apple Fritter, Argyle Socks, Auntie Dee, Aunt Marie's Violet, Avocado, Baby Blanket, Baby Chick, Baking Tin, Balsam Fir, Bambino, Bamboo, Bandana, Barn Door, Barrel Cactus, Bean Sprout, Bejewelled, Bella Rosa, Betty Bluebell, Blackbird, Black Coffee, Blacksmith Blue, Blooming Crocus, Blue Beadboard, Blue Beatrice, Blueberry Tart, Blue Corn, Blue Moon, Blushing Beauty, Boysenberry Jam, Bramble Bush, Brandied Pears, Brown Hen, Brown Sugar, Bunny Honey, Camouflage, Campfire, Candied Yams, Cappuccino, Caribbean Waters, Carrie Berry, Cayenne, Cerise, Cherry Cobbler, Cherry Tomato, Chili Pepper, Chocolate Cream Pie, Cloud, Copper Penny, Cottage Garden, Country Lane, Creamy Peach, Crushed Pineapple, Calico Kitty, Cashmere, Caterpillar, Cauldron, Chai, Chesapeake Bay, Chocolate Mousse, Chopped Chives, Cinnamon Toast, Clay Pot, Cobbled Peach, Cocoa Bean, Colonial Copper, Colonial Rose, Creeping Jenny, Dandelion Stem, Deep Blue Sea, Deep Fennel, Desert Mesquite, Dublin Bay, Dulce De Leche, Eggshell, Embers, English Ivy, Erin Go Emerald, Fallen Leaves, Fancy Green Nancy, Finley Gold, Fleur de Lilac, Fool's Gold, Four Leaf Clover, Fresh Brew, Frog Legs, Frosted Sage, Frosty, Frozen Margarita, Germany Chocolate, Gingerbread, Ginger Snap, Glazed Carrots, Goldfish, Granny Annie, Grape Pie, Green Onion, Hayride, Hazelnut, Holly Berry, Honeycomb, House Wine, Hydrangea, Jakey Brown, Jolly Holly, Joshua Tree, Key Largo, Khaki Mocha, La Tierra, Lavender Louise, Lemon Lime, Lettuce Leaf, Lighthouse, Little House Brown, Lemon Grass, Licorice Red, Little Sprout, Lobster Claw, Lunar Eclipse, Macaroni and Cheese, Magnolia Blossom, Manor Red, Mariner's Compass, Marmalade, Mermaid's Fin, Milady's Teal, Mulled Berries, Muddy Puddle, Nature Trail, Nighty Nite, Nutmeggie, Old Blue Jeans, Old Marigold, Old Money, Old Oak Tree, Olive Branch, Onion Skin, Ora's Iris, Organza Pink, Peach Sherbet, Peanut Brittle, Pea Pod, Pebble Beach, Perfect Piecrust, Persimmon, Pickled Beets, Pine Needles, Pink Champagne, Pink Posey, Pixie Dust, Plum Paisley, Plymouth Rock, Poblano Pepper, Prairie Grass, Prickly Pear, Pumpkin Harvest, Purple Aster, Purple Toile, Queen Bee, Rainy Day, Rain Shower, Razzleberry, Really Teally, Red Currant, Ripple, River Rocks, Roasted Chestnut, Rod & Reel, Rose Petal, Rosy Glow, Sassy Brass, Sea Oats, Sea Shelley, Secret Garden, Shabby Sheep, Shamrock, Smoke, Snowball, Spinach, Spun Sugar, St. Bernard, Stepping Stones, Sticks & Twigs, Storm Lake Sunrise, Stormy Night, Straw Hat, Sugar and Spice, Summer Sky, Sweetest Heart, Sweet Potato, Tabby, Tartan Plaid, Tea and Biscuits, Tennessee Red Clay, Thundercloud, Tiny Vine, Toasted Marshmallow, Trail Dust, Tropical Paradise, Tyler Boy Blue, Used Brick, Vanilla Custard, Wagon Wheel, Wasabi, Wavy Navy, Weeping Willow, Wild Berries, Wilderness, Wild Oats, Wisconsin Woods, Zach Black


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