Aida Band 14 ct Cream/Ecru 5cm wide One Metre

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This Aida Band is 14 count 100% cotton in a Cream (Ecru) colour. It is 5 cm wide and one metre long. There are 26 squares across the band. The edges have been neatly stitched so there is no fraying and this makes it perfect for using as a trim on a towel, a tea towel, a bag or any item. It would also be great as a bookmark – all you need to do is stitch your chosen design and then turn over the top & bottom to and stitch into place to neaten. Bookmarks also look great if you place a piece of felt or iron-on interfacing on the back and then either hand stitch into place, or back stitch through both layers (the Aida & the backing) so that your row of stitching shows on the front as a border. Putting backing on your bookmark hides all the stitching plus protects the stitching when it is in use. Pick your own design to put on the Band and you can make great personal gifts for family or friends. You could stitch their name or something from a hobby they love.  Use the Contact Us page if you need help to work out if your design will fit ok. We are happy to help.

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