Aperture Cards

These are packs of 5 cards so that you can display your cross stitch, photos, artwork (or any small design) and send your friends & family beautiful original cards made with love.
They are a great way to use up small leftover pieces of fabric & cotton and because they are small, they are quick to make. Use any small patterns or just use a small part of a larger pattern. If you are not sure if the pattern will fit the aperture on your card, just count the number of stitches on the design, then use the Contact Us page and we will work out the size for you.
The cards have 3 panels with a Oval aperture hole in the centre one. This means that you can tuck the first blank panel behind the panel with the aperture, so completely hiding the back of your cross stitch work. Just use some double sided sellotape pieces to hold the fabric in the card, and another few pieces to hold the panels together. This makes the card neat & tidy and very professional looking.

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