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Cross Stitch fabric names – Brittney? Lugana? Cashel? What do they mean?

Cross stitch fabrics seem to have all sorts of names. Aida, Lugana, Brittney, Evenweave… But what do they all mean? It can be so confusing when you are wanting to know what you are working on, or you want to buy more fabric.

The main thing to know is that there are 3 types of cross stitch fabrics: Aida, Evenweave and Linen. Have a look at our blog dated 16 March 2018 to see more details about the difference between these 3 types of fabric, as here we are just looking at the fabric names.

The 3 different types of fabrics are produced by various companies around the world and they all give their fabrics different names. Zweigart of Germany are the world’s largest manufacturers and so their fabrics are the most commonly seen. They are the inventors of ‘Aida’ and now that term is also used by other companies as the name for the cross stitch fabric with a stiff open weave and clear, easy-to-see holes between the threads.

Zweigart calls their Aida by the different count sizes so you will see 14 count Aida or 18 count Aida etc, but when it comes to their Evenweave and Linen fabrics each different count has been given a different name. So Zweigart’s 25 count Evenweave has the name Lugana and their 28 count Evenweave is called Brittney for example.

Often Lugana is used as a general name instead of Evenweave so you might see 28 count Lugana as a name. While this is not ‘correct’ it is ok, but it can be confusing especially when other companies also make 28 count Evenweave but they call it something else.

The best way to remember everything is to learn the difference between the 3 types of fabric; Aida, Evenweave & Linen, and then just concentrate on the count size.

So start calling your fabric by it’s count and type…
like   ’28 count Evenweave’,     ’32 count Linen’   or      ’16 count Aida’     for examples. That way it is easily understood what you are working on and you do not need to remember any names that the manufacturers use.

Below is a list of Zweigart’s names for fabric, but remember you do not need to know all of these, just know the different types of fabric’s (in bold) and the count number that your pattern calls for. Let us know if this is still confusing or your pattern is calling for a fabric you are not familiar with.

Aida:  named by the count size. eg 14 count Aida or 18 count Aida

Lugana – 25 count
Brittney- 28 count
Murano – 32 count

Cashel – 28 count
Belfast – 32 count
Edinburgh – 35 count
Newcastle-40 count



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